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Apple Inc. sure loves its patents. If it could, the Cupertino, California-based maker of stylish devices would patent the apple itself and then sue every grocery store on the planet. And it’s no secret that the company with more money than God loves to dole a bit out to teams of crack lawyers. Its penchant for litigation is legendary; just ask Samsung. So when the big Macintosh files for yet another patent, it’s hardly newsworthy. Unless, of course, that patent is designed to wage war on spam.

According to several media outlets, including Apple Insider, MacRumors and Business Insider, Apple’s filed a patent for disposable email addresses, a patent that describes a framework for users who wish to minimize the amount of spam that invades their inboxes. The patent was actually filed in 2012, but the story broke because on February 13, the United States Patent and Trademark Office published the application.

Apple Files Patent to Take a Bite out of Spam

Anti-Spam Efforts are Working

Sometimes the news about spam is good news. Take, for instance, a report on the latest anti-spam comparative review conducted by virus bulletin that found 99.4 percent of all spam was blocked by anti-spam solutions. The number impressed even Virus …

Anti-Spam Efforts are Working

Fans of Resident Evil and The Walking Dead, rejoice.

For years now, you’ve been warning your co-workers about the impending apocalypse. It’ll probably be masterminded by an evil corporation, but it might be the product of some misguided organization blinded by its own hubris. Its motives will be honorable, but it will lose control, bringing about an unprecedented infection of the human race. If any of this sounds familiar to you, remove your tinfoil hat for a moment and get a load of this. According to the folks over at ZDNet, the zombies might already be out there. They’re not the zombies we all hope for, however: they don’t crave brains and they don’t make a viable target for a pickaxe to the skull. But they may very well be infecting the corporate networks of the world, and they could be a sign of things to come.

Zombie Apocalypse May be Led by Corporations

Florida Company Facing FTC Lawsuit for Spamming

A Florida company has been hit with a lawsuit by the FTC for sending out misleading and downright threatening spam about the Affordable Care Act. The agency says Kobeni Inc. and its president, Yair Shalev, sent out thousands of spam messages …

Florida Company Facing FTC Lawsuit for Spamming

Distribution of the Top 100 organizations most frequently targeted by phishers*, by category, 2013 – Kaspersky Labs

The modern world is all about contradiction and paradox. Life rewards people for success and looks to them with admiration and for inspiration, but the likes of proto-humans Justin Bieber and Rob Ford leave us shaking our heads with incredulity and disgust. The world looks forward to the beginning of the Sochi Olympics in mere days, a wonderful distraction that’s meant to entertain and motivate; yet that same world is entirely on edge as it comes to grips with the possibility that some humans could actually be lowlife pieces of waste, threatening to bomb an event meant only to elevate humanity and celebrate its amateur athletes. Yes, we humans are all about contradiction. Today, we can’t subsist without an online presence, yet we’re constantly bombarded with the message that being online is dangerous. It’s a bad idea. Yet we do it because we have no choice, that is, unless we want to resort to carrier pigeons and analog telephone lines.

Spam Shrinks in 2013, Grows Up, Too: Kaspersky

January Spam Roundup

  It’s cold outside but spam is still red hot. With the Olympics coming up, spammers will no doubt be revving up to take full advantage. In the meantime, here is a look at January’s top spam headlines. USA Still …

January Spam Roundup

Target Breach Victims Hit With Phishing Scam

Victims of the Target data breach are being victimized a second time by a phishing attack. Security experts have spotted a phishing attack using email messages made to look like the ones Target themselves sent out to notify customers their …

Target Breach Victims Hit With Phishing Scam

Coming Soon to Your BMW-In Car Spam?

I wish that this was an article from the Onion, or a skit on College Humor, but I guess they will have to change their slogan to “BMW-The Ultimate Spamming Machine.” I found a report on WorldCarFans this weekend that I just have to share. The implications, if this comes to pass, are truly terrifying to me. We get spam in our inboxes, we get spam from text messages. We get junkmail in the post. And some of the bulletin boards polluting the countryside are truly horrific! But with Google’s most recent revenue numbers, I guess even German engineering wants to get a piece of the lucrative ad business because guess what is coming out of Bavaria now?

Coming Soon to Your BMW-In Car Spam?

Florida Couple Arrested for Phishing Scam

A Florida couple has been arrested on charges they stole over half a million dollars and compromised the identities of over 400 people. Stephen and Robin Barone of Orlando were charged with organized scheme to defraud, grand theft and criminal …

Florida Couple Arrested for Phishing Scam

A new year is largely a symbolic thing, but it should be a reminder and a wake-up call for all of us, to think about security, threats, and response. As the year begins anew, reports and studies start to appear, and they’re invaluable tools in the threat assessment arena, if for no other reason than to remind us to keep our guard up. The venerable folks at Cisco Systems are well-known for their annual security report, and for many of us, getting a look at the report is like Christmas all over again.

Last week, Cisco released its 2014 Annual Security Report, and if you haven’t gotten it yet, please go out and do so. It reads like an ancient tome presaging the future, with an unsettling look at what happened in 2013 and a helpful look into what we might expect in the coming year.

Cisco 2014 Report: New Malware Schemes and Trust are Key Themes

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    Hi My friend I have Exchange 2010 but the opcion "when the subject field or the message body maches" i dont have with options! can i use other option? thanks

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    Thank you very much, your posting helpfull, cause I get this FANBOX today..

  • Harry D. on Anti-Spam Efforts are Working April 1, 2014

    Definitely, any positive news about spam is always welcome. I really don't have a lot of issues with good e-mails ending up in spam because I also check my Junk Mail from time to time, and if it's urgent and they need my reply, they simply call or try to contact me in other means. I think it's also essential that you provide your friends, colleagues, and clients other ways to reach out to you other than e-mail.

  • Steven on Apple Files Patent to Take a Bite out of Spam April 1, 2014

    Sounds like a good plan, Apple, but they should better concentrate on growing their brand and bread and butter first. As they say, jack of all trades, master of none. It's better to be great in one thing than to be good in almost all things. Don't be like Android or Google please.